The Rochester  Fantasy  Fans  promote the understanding and appreciation of science fiction, fantasy, horror and other forms of speculative fiction as found in  books, magazines, film, television, music and comics.
We are a multi-genre*  science fiction club, 
formed  in 1979.



The  Club:

        We are a social group of people who have interest in all the above versions of fandom, and many more.   You can come to one of our meetings   and find people having discussions on the last shuttle flight, along with what happened on Babylon 5 or Buffy this week. 
       Many of  us grew up reading science fiction and fantasy books. Watching with anticipation every space shot. Watching every science fiction show that came on television. 
        That is why we were founded, to give our love for the  field  a  place    where  others who felt the same way could gather and share with each other. 

What does  multi-genre mean? It means that we are  a group of people who like science  fiction  in its broadest forms. We  cross  the  lines that separate  the hard science fiction  fan  from the fantasy fan or  the  star trek  fan, the  horror  fan from  the comic  book collector, the wargamer  from  the anime fan,  and the filker from the  space  activist. 



This year at FC3 (Flower City Comicon) we will be running a track of science fiction and fantasy programming.

Our GoH is Robert J Sawyer. He has his 24th book, "The Oppenheimer Alternative" launching that week.

Come out and listen to all the panelists and Rob as we discuss everything from writing SF to Comics!!



We were formed   to bring about  the appreciation of science  fiction  in all its   many  faces  as  a  true literary  artform.


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Oct. 29-31  2021
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