Newcomers Guide to Fandom in






 Welcome to the Newcomers Guide to science fiction/fantasy/comics/gaming and all things fannish here in Rochester!!
We hope that this will be one of the places you go to get information on the hours of your local comic book store, the location of a used book store with a good science fiction collection, your dice are starting to roll cold, and you can't hit anything so you need a new set of dice or if you're looking for something "Fannish" to do we hope to steer you in the right direction.

Comics:New comics arrive every Wednesday!!


All Heroes Comics 4410 Lake Ave  585-865-9113  Tues.-Wed. 12PM-7PM
Thurs.-Sat. 2PM-7PM
Sun. 3PM-7PM 
 Collector's Choice 54 Main Street Brockport 585-637-8556  Mon.-Fri. 11AM-7PM
Thurs.-Sat. 2PM-7PM
 Comic Book Heaven   938 St. Paul Street 585-654-7542      Wed.-Fri. 12PM-7PM
Sat. 12PM-5PM
Comics Etc. 1115 E. Main Street 585-473-7150 Mon-Tues. 12AM-6PM
Wed.-Fri. 11AM-6:30PM
Thurs. 11AM-7:30PM
Sat. 11AM-6PM
Sun. 12 PM-5PM  
1st. Print Comics 1548 Buffalo Road 585-978-9791 Tues.-Fri. 12AM-7PM
Sat. 10AM-4PM 
13th Verse Comics 3200 West Ridge Road 1320 Buffalo Road Thurs.-Sun. 10AM-6PM
Pulp Nouveau Comics 217 S. Main St. Canadaigua 585-394-8250 Tues.-Sat. 11AM-7PM   Sun. 11AM-5PM  
Two Kings Comics 171 W. Main St. Victor 585-398-8021  Tues.-Fri. 11AM-7PM
Sat. 10AM-6PM
Sun. 12 PM-4PM 
  Wonderland Comics 1620 Penfield Road  585-248-0450 

 Mon. & Tues. 11AM-6PM

Wed. & Thurs. 11AM-7PM

Fri. 11AM-6PM Sat. 10AM-6PM

     Tues.-Fri. 11AM-7PM
Sat. 10AM-6PM
Sun. 12 PM-4PM