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The  files found at this site are all copyrighted works. All rights  to  all  material found herein are the intellectual property of the author  of said material and may not be printed, copied, or redistributed,  regardless  of whether or not for profit, without the express written permission of  the author of the material. The only exception to this rule are private copies which you make for yourself for your own use.

   Any  such copy must contain all headers, trailers, credits, copyright  notices  and other identifying information as it appears, completely unchanged.



1. All members are subject to the By-laws.

2. There  will be a membership fee of $10.00 ( $15.00 per family) per year.  In hardship  cases, this can be modified or waived by private agreement  of  the  officers.

3. Prospective  members must attend two consecutive meetings before  joining.

4. Disruptive  or detrimental actions will result in that member being asked  to leave the activity by an officer. Repeat offenders will be subject  to a vote for expulsion from the club, and forfeiture of their membershipfees.

5. An inactive  member is one who has not attended the last three consecutive meetings. Active status returns on the second attendance. Any member  may voluntarily  become inactive for a specified period with immediate  return to active status  at the end of the period.


1. Meetings will be held monthly with business preceding other activities.

2. Orderly business meetings will be conducted in the following manner:
    The chairmanopens the meeting following a planned agenda.
i)  Old  business
ii) New  business
iii)  Next  meeting agenda
iv) Closing

All speakers must be recognized by the chairman

3. Committees of three to five members will be formed to plan and organize activities  for presentation at the business meeting.


1. Ordinary matters
A majority of members at a meeting who have attended enough of the discussion on a  measure to understand it without rehashing old discussion, are necessary  to pass that measure.

2. Treasury, By-laws, Membership, and Override of a Veto

On any  vote which involves the treasury, a change in the By-laws, the change in  the status of a member, or a veto, two thirds of the active members must  agree for the measure to pass. Absent members should be contacted and vote  by phone.

3. Veto
If all  the  officers oppose a vote on an ordinary matter the vote is vetoed.

4. Override of a Veto
A second voting on the matter may be taken to override a veto.


1. Positions and Responsibilities

A. President

a). Chairs the meeting or delegates that authority
b). Arranges time and place of meeting Oversees the clubs activities.

B. Vice-President

a). Assists the president

C. Treasurer

a). Handles all the financial matters of the club
b). Collect and record membership fees
c). Responsible for all club funds

D. Secretary
a). Takes  the minutes of the meetings
b). Keep  attendance records
c). Keep  a roster of all active members
d). counts votes

2. Term

The term of office is one year without limit to the number of terms a member may  serve.

3. Election of officers

A. Procedure
The election procedure shall cover four weeks as follows:
week 1- Announcement of elections and formation of election committee
week 2- Deadline for nomination of candidates
week 3- Deadline for acceptance of nomination by candidates
week 4- Vote by secret ballot

B. Voting
Absent  members  can vote in advance by a sealed envelope, or by calling a member  of the election committee with their vote.

C. Election committee
The election committee will consist of three members and will be responsible
for the  listing of nominations and acceptances. They will also be responsible
for making the ballots, and counting the votes.


1. To be used for club activities or interests as voted upon (see Voting - 2)
2. The  treasurer  is responsible for all funds (see Officers - 1.C.c)


1. The  library  is for use by all members
2. The  librarian is nominated by the officers.

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