As you can see the ferry is a very impressive vessel. We have plans to drydock it at our secret naval base in the 1000 islands. Here is where Admiral Lieven will undersee the best scientists, and technicians in fandomas they outfit the ferry for sail.


As you know we in fandom have some of the best technology to choose from in retrofitting the ferry. There are fen who are very knowledgeable of the systems in:

 The Macross

 The Galactica

 The Yamato  

These ships will supply the technology necessary to turn the ferry from the benign sailing ship it is now to a Magnificent fighting machine. Once we have the ferry outfitted to defend ourselves, we will sail to the Port of Rochester and begin our Worldcon!! We not only want to be a fun, but an educational worldcon as well. We have planned excursions to several scientific and fannish sites during our six day mission.







 History of the Bid

 What to Expect

 The Rochester Fantasy Fans

 Rochester Tourism

 The Competition

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