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Astronomicon '01
Diversity in Science Fiction

Cover:  Vantage  Point 
© N. Taylor  Blanchard  1998, 
used  by  permission
This year we had a special theme  for the convention. 
" Diversity in Science Fiction"
  Being a general science fiction convention, we thought it would be a good  idea to highlight the contributions of African-American authors, and artists  to the field of science fiction, fantasy, horror, gaming, and comics.

   The convention was held on 
February 9th, 10th, & 11th, 2001
to coincide  with Black History Month.
        It was at the Sheraton Four Points  in downtown Rochester.

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Steven Barnes
  Author Guest of Honor: Steven  Barnes

N.T.B. The Wiz
  Artist Guest of Honor:
N. Taylor Blanchard
FanGuest of Honor:
Dennette "The Wiz" Harrod

(photo not available)

Comics Guest of Honor
Dwayne McDuffie
Gaming Guest of Honor:
Michael Poundsmith

Other Guests:

Robert J. Sawyer
Tananarive Due
Doranna Durgin
Dr. Dave Stephenson

John Allen Price

Nick Dichario


Dr. David DeGraff

Lois Gresh

Lloyd Penney

Yvonne Penney


Kat Hankinson

Morgan Brilliant



Programing traks

Paula Keller  -----------------  Art Show
Dale & Anne Gulledge  ------- Con Suite
Anne  Morton  ---------------  Kids Programing & Registration Desk
Paul  Robinson  --------------  Video Room
URSGA  --------------------- Gaming  Room
URAnime  -------------------  Anime Room
Dorsi Irregulars  -------------   Security Services
Alfred U  Sci-Fi  Club -------   Gophers
         (this is how it starts. watch for a con at Alfred, in a few years)
Wayne Brown  ---------------  Everything Else (and Chairman too)
My appoligies to anyone i've forgoten.

Press Clipping:
"This is not the world my daddy grew up in."
press cliping
Better than the usual
'look at the funny people in costume' article
(click  on  the  photo)

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For More information you can write to us at:

  The Rochester Fantasy Fans
P.O.Box 31701
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Or call:

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Background:  Vantage Point  © N. Taylor Blanchard 1998,   used by permission

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