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Dwayne McDuffie         * 
Phil  Foglio
Marvel comics
DC comics
HULK library         *
Official  Cutey Bunny  page
Original  Cutey Bunny page
Platypus  Comics
Online  -  right  here  in  Rochester     
Will  Eisner.com
San  Diego  Comic-Con
Scott  McCloud.com
'Nuff Said  radio
Raido  program  about  comics
FM  and  on  the  web     
Hope  7   An ancient nameless world is dying. Two strangers must fight a schizophrenic dark queen, ferocious drears, and solve the riddles of the prophetic echoes to save a planet they can never truly call home.      *
Schneider  Art Museum
UGcomx.info     Classix  Illustrated 
A resource  for  collectors  of  underground comix,
aka  'head  comix',  of  the  60's  &  70's.
Grand  Comicbook Database
Comc Book Legal Defence Fund Do  You  Read  Banned  Books?
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